Smart Betting on The Top Leagues in Europe

Smart Betting on The Top Leagues in Europe

Betting has always gone side-by-side with soccer. The fans of this sport are also big fans of placing bets, which is why they are always eager to wager on their favourite teams, players, or selected games. In the past couple of years, a new way of placing bets has emerged and it became very popular among the people.

Online sportsbooks are the new trend and they are adored by millions of people from all around the world. The reason for that is that they have tons of great advantages over the land-based bookmakers. They also have tons of betting options and you can bet on every league or tournament in every country. Speaking on that topic, we wanted to share some tips when betting in Europe’s top soccer leagues. We are also going to help you choose the best online bookie to place the desired bets. Let’s begin.


Picking the Best Online Bookmaker

When picking the best online bookmaker, you must make sure that the site features numerous betting options and good promotions and bonuses. One site that stands out in the crowd is NetBet. This reputable site offers far more than just betting on soccer and other sports. The NetBet Casino site allows you to play the latest casino games, which are extremely fun.

Research has shown that betting fans are also fans of playing casino games. The only thing to remember is to play responsibly and out of entertainment purposes only. Whenever you want to switch, you can head over to NetBet Sport and use the tips we are about to give to you to bet on certain teams in the soccer leagues. Speaking of the tips, it is time to check them out as well.


If there is one thing that distinguishes the Dutch leagues from the rest is that they are extremely fun to watch. Each soccer match is filled with many goals and the level of excitement is always super-high in these games. Our smart betting tip when betting on games in the Eredivisie and even the lower-tier leagues in this country is to always bet on goals. If you take a look at the table of the top league, you will see that most of the teams have over 25 conceded goals, which is an average of over 1 goal per game. Same goes for goals for. The average is around 2 goals per game.

Serie A

When betting on the lower-placed teams in Serie A, the case is opposite from Dutch leagues. These teams are known for their defensive style of play, there are not a lot of goals involved, so that is the best betting option. If you are betting on certain teams to win, better do it on the more dominant teams – Milan, Juventus, Inter, and Roma. These tips, as well as some other useful ones, can prove to be quite helpful when placing a bet.

Premier League

The Premier League is without a doubt the most competitive league in the world. It has the most diverse list of champions than any other league. Liverpool were last year’s champions and there have been a total of 6 different champions in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, that one thing that makes it so exciting to watch is the same thing that makes it very unpredictable when it comes to betting. Each team has a good chance to win each game, which is why it is smart never to bet on particular teams to win. Avoid betting on the teams that are in the second half of the table –Burnley, Wolves, Newcastle, Crystal Palace, etc. They are very nasty teams, especially when they play at home. Go for safer bets – bet on goals and bet on the best teams (Manchester City, Liverpool, Leicester, etc.)